Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Royal Decree

Has not been helping very much.

While it single-handedly won me one duel since I started using it, it hasn't really helped all that much since then. At the last local tournament I went to, I only drew it once, and I didn't even use it. It was just sitting there, as I didn't need it to protect my plays. Yes, it did allow me to play slightly more recklessly, but my opponent happened to have a Book of Moon or something, and I never even flipped the Decree.

Of course, it's not supposed to carry my deck, but it's supposed to help at least somewhat. I mean, I'm supposed to open with it once every few duels, and that doesn't even account for drawing into it later. It's just been pretty useless recently.

It makes me feel as though I shouldn't play it. I mean, let's list the decks it's good against:

Six Samurai
Gladiator Beasts
Machina Gadgets
Random Stun

I don't count Hero Beat since they have Gemini Sparks, and I'd much rather just negate their summons with Warning and push through their back row. And, I guess I could include Worms, but meh. They could just Evil Dragon Ananta or whatever to destroy Royal Decree whenever they need to.

Now, let's list the decks it's good against that I actually care about:

Six Samurai

Um, yeah... Against Gravekeeper's, with Closed Forest, it basically makes an auto-win scenario for me. Their Gravekeeper's can't get over Scrap Beast without Necrovalley, especially with the boost from Closed Forest, and their Traps are dead. They basically hope to draw both Mystical Space Typhoons or lose.

However, against Six Samurai, Seven Tools of the Bandit might be better. It pushes through Shi En's negation effect to stop stuff like Solemn Warning. The only problem is that Musakani Magatama is being used more, which stops Seven Tools...

I'm probably going to keep it in the deck for this weekend, and I'll see what happens before I decide on what to do.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dueling Network

I'm bored, so I made a fun deck on Dueling Network. I'm online right now, so if anyone wants to duel me, feel free to go on and challenge me. My username is LightGrunty, as would be expected.

Since this is the second post in such a short amount of time, make sure you don't miss the previous post...

Tournament Report 5/28/11

I went with Scraps Reborn again. There weren't many people, and most of them were newbs. No Gravekeeper's or Six Samurai in sight... There were three other people playing Scraps, though. They all played weird builds though, using stuff like Meklord Emperor Granel and even Genex Ally Birdman...

TCG Duel Terminal 5 (a.k.a. OCG Duel Terminal 9) was here today. I wasted $50 on it and was fairly satisfied with the cards I pulled. I pulled three Gem-Knight Garnet, one Sapphire, one Tourmaline, one Alexandrite, one Gem-Armadillo, two Gem-Merchants, two Gem-Knight Ruby, one Topaz, two Gem-Knight Fusions, and two Gem-Enhancements. Can you tell I'm excited about Gem-Knights?

I also pulled a Necro Gardna, Level Eater, My Body as a Shield, Foolish Burial, Trap Stun, and two D.D. Crows, the latter of which went into my Side Deck. Thankfully, I didn't pull much Vylon stuff, but unfortunately, I pulled a bunch of Laval stuff that wasn't Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land. Well, it was still pretty good.

Oh, and I was able to pick up a second T.G. Wonder Magician and a T.G. Power Gladiator. Now I have all of the T.G. Synchros that I need, so the deck shall be completed!

Round 1: vs Gladiator Beasts

I don't know why, but I had a feeling that this guy was playing Gravekeeper's. I guess it's nice that I was wrong.

-Duel 1: I swarmed with Scraps after getting rid of all of his back rows. I negated his Gladiator Proving Ground with Solemn Judgment when he was top-decking, winning me the duel.
-Duel 2: Reborn Tengu wasted all of his cards and beat him down. It's just too good.

Round 2: vs Machina Gadgets

This guy recognized me from YouTube by my mat, so he knew what I was playing.

-Duel 1: He opened with three Gadgets in hand, so he couldn't do much to combat my Scrap Beast.
-Duel 2: He made the misplay of using Book of Moon on my Cyber Dragon before I fused for Chimeratech Fortress Dragon. I could still fuse, since I can reveal my own face-down Fusion Materials, and if he had saved the Book, he could've saved himself 3000 LP and the Smashing Ground he tried to use in the Chimeratech on his turn. So yeah, that misplay cost him dearly, and I won, despite not drawing any Scrap Tuners for the whole duel...

Round 3: vs All-Monsters

I was dueling against Yugilo. He filmed these duels, so I assume they'll be on his channel soon.

Round 4: vs Frog Monarchs

-Duel 1: I had control, but lost to a top-decked Caius since my LP were too low.
-Duel 2: I drew two Effect Veilers in my starting hand in addition to a Scrap Chimera, Scrap Beast, and Scrapstorm. Yeah, I won.
-Duel 3: I ran out of outs to Monarchs and lost to a top-decked Raiza...

Round 5: vs Frog Monarchs

This guy was my previous opponent's friend, so they had similar, if not the same, builds.

-Duel 1: He drew very few Monarchs, but I drew two Reborn Tengus. It was okay, though, since they could beat him down while he was waiting for the few Monarchs that he did draw.
-Duel 2: Grr, top-decked Caius. I actually drew a D.D. Crow this time (as opposed to not having drawn it last match), but it didn't do anything since he opened with Swap Frog.
-Duel 3: For some reason, I was drawing Chimeras instead of Tuners, so when I tried to revive the one Tuner I did have in the Graveyard, it got removed by D.D. Crow. I then lost to two Enemy Controllers, stealing my defenses and preventing me from using Scrapstorm.

Ugh, wow, I haven't done this badly at locals in months. Well, whatever, it happens. It's not like my opponents will draw all of their Monarchs all the time.

So, the same problem of not drawing Scrap Tuners often enough has arisen again. I don't know how, or if, I should deal with it. Short of buying multiple copies of Pot of Duality, there's not much that I can think to do for this type of build. I mean, I don't want to draw my Scrap Tuners too much, or draw too many in a row. Hmm, I'll have to figure this out...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breaker in Scraps

Seems so underwhelming...

I tried it last weekend, and it didn't do all that much. When I drew it, I would have much rather summoned another Monster.

For instance, against Gladiator Beasts, I can't summon it against an on-field Gladiator because I could get hit by a Chariot. And, if it lives, it can easily be run over by Laquari or Darius. Maybe it's because I drew all-Monsters, but it still seems as though something else would've been better.

It's just that the Normal Summon is so important in Scraps. Barring Monster Reborn, it's how the Synchros occur. Breaker doesn't keep field presence, which is why playing Worm Xex and Yagan was okay, but playing Breaker or Rai-Oh didn't work as well.

I still like Breaker, since it's still really good, but the cost of a Normal Summon is a little too steep in my opinion. I've been playing two, so I'd probably drop it to one. It's just more suited to decks that don't Normal Summon half the time, like T.G.'s.

But what do I replace it with? Maybe Cyber Dragon; it essentially has the same job, which is to bait out Traps, and it also works against decks that don't use many Traps. Or, I could just use Dust Tornado or another Decree. I'm not to fond of those options, though.

I could promote a card from my Side Deck, opening room for another card in there. Perhaps Malevolent Catastrophe or some control-based Monster. I could even just switch Breaker with a card in my Side Deck, in case I decide that I need it later.

Hmm, everyone's suddenly thinking that Chain Whirlwind is a good Side Deck card. I see what they're seeing, but I don't really agree. Or do I...? It can actually be activated in response to a Counter Trap (like Seven Tools of the Bandit) destroying a Trap that was activated as Chain Link 1. And of course, it could be flipped when a Royal Decree is destroyed by Mystical Space Typhoon, so it seems like it can be worth using.

But, I also saw Xing Zhen Hu being used to great effect recently. It also seems like it's worth using. Of course, Xing Zhen Hu Replica seems slightly better, since it can be activated in response to your own summon with priority to prevent Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute. Or, it could be activated in response to your own attack declaration with priority to prevent Mirror Force or Dimensional Prison. It seems as though I would just rather Dust Tornado the card, though...

Eh, I'll decide eventually...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

T.G. Variants

I'm looking into making another T.G. deck, possibly for competitive usage.

So far, some Beast-based build would seem to be the best. King Tiger Wanghu deals with Junk Doppel and such, and Horn of the Phantom Beast deals with other Stun decks. Unfortunately, this would be too much like a Stun deck for my tastes.

I can't help but think that a T.G. Junk Doppel deck could do well once T.G. Hyper Librarian is released. Not only do you actually have support for T.G. Synchros, but T.G. Cyber Magician is a searchable Level 1 Tuner. In addition, you have a beater in T.G. Rush Rhino that Junk Doppel usually lacks. Of course, Hyper Librarian isn't completely necessary, but it's broken nice to have.

Unfortunately, T.G. Monsters share a few weaknesses. If they get removed from play or if they are used for a Synchro Summon, you don't get to search or draw. While putting them to use in a Synchro Summon can often pay off, allowing you to take down an opposing Synchro or destroy back rows (T.G. Wonder Magician), if your opponent can retaliate, then you'll be out of Monsters.

Also, if your opponent has a Dimensional Fissure up, they can destroy your T.G. Monsters to their heart's content, since you won't get the End Phase search from Cyber Magician, Striker, Warwolf, or Rush Rhino. This is also the case if they remove the searcher from the Graveyard before it activates in the End Phase, by using D.D. Crow, for example. The Synchros, Wonder Magician and Power Gladiator, still give you the draw as long as they're destroyed, though.

So yeah, I'm considering using a T.G. deck, but I'll probably stick with Scraps for a while. I don't even have all of the T.G. Synchros that I need, yet, and I still need to test out the various builds. So yeah, once I get a second Wonder Magician and a Power Gladiator, I'll look into the deck a little more...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tournament Report 5/21/11

I went again with Scraps Reborn. Yeah, nothing much. I did pull a Naturia Landoise from the Duel Terminals, and the shop keeper said that Duel Terminal 5 would be in next week, so that's cool.

There weren't many people there today, about twenty, and most of them were newbs.

Round 1: vs Newbie Blackwings

I could tell that this guy was a newb because he kept saying, "My deck is really good, but I drew a bad hand," after I 2-0'd him. So yeah...

Round 2: vs Gladiator Beasts

This was my Round 2 opponent from this tournament.

-Duel 1: He started off fairly well, with Equeste and four back rows. I summoned Scrap Beast and crashed into Equeste. He summoned and attacked with Murmillo to tag to Equeste to retrieve the Equeste that had died. From there, he slowly gained control. I drew into Reborn Tengu, giving me field presence long enough for a Synchro Summon, and he had run out of back rows. If he had pushed recklessly with Gyzarus, I would have lost, but bluffing Scrapyard is quite helpful...
-Duel 2: He opened with Dimensional Fissure and some back rows. Summon Reborn Tengu; attack into Dimensional Prison, then the second one attacked into Mirror Force. The third Tengu was able to land a hit, but died next turn to Smashing Ground. He needed to kill all of the Tengus to attack with Retiari, which tagged for Laquari. I Special Summoned Cyber Dragon and Normal Summoned Scrap Goblin to Synchro Summon Thought Ruler Archfiend. Thought Ruler carried me through the rest of the game, completely ignoring his Dimensional Fissure.

Round 3: vs Six Samurai

This was my Round 4 opponent from this tournament.

-Duel 1: I went first, Set some back rows, and Scrap Goblin. He summoned Kageki, and I used Effect Veiler, so he just Set four back rows. I used Mind Control to steal Kageki and Synchro with Scrap Goblin for Brionac. I discarded Scrap Golem to bounce a random card, then attacked. Next turn, he summoned Kagemusha, revived Kageki with Monster Reborn, then Synchro Summoned Shi En to run over Brionac. I forced Shi En's negation with Giant Trunade, then activated Monster Reborn for Scrap Golem. I was able to revive Scrap Goblin, but Golem got put down with Book of Moon. From there, I stalled with Scrap Chimera: revive Scrap Goblin, he attacks over Chimera for a little damage, then attacks Goblin to prevent me from Tribute Summoning Scrap Golem, Goblin's effect gets back Chimera, rinse and repeat. I wasn't able to draw an out to all of his back rows, though, and lost once he drew into Hand of the Six Samurai.
-Duel 2: I Set Scrap Beast and some back rows. He summoned Hand and Grandmaster, attacking over Scrap Beast and directly for some damage. Dark Hole destroyed his Samurai, but he got Hand back. I summoned another Scrap Beast (at least it's not like last week where I didn't draw Scrap Tuners...) and attacked directly. He repeated the Hand/Grandmaster play and attacked over my Beast again. Scrap Chimera came down to get me Scrap Dragon, and Scrap Orthros got me back Scrap Chimera, which sealed the deal. He didn't have the back row to deal with my Scraps.
-Duel 3: I locked down his Traps with a Royal Decree protected by Stardust Dragon. Very evil, I know.

Round 4: vs T.G. Beasts

My opponent this round was Yugilo, and he took video(s) (I'm not sure if he got the whole match) which will be on YouTube, so I won't spoil it.

Round 5: vs Six Samurai

This was my Round 5 opponent from last weekend.

-Duel 1: He had no back rows, so I could swarm unhindered.
-Duel 2: He bluffed Monster Reborn and Dark Hole as Traps, but Scrap Goblin and Reborn Tengu gave me an amazing Black Rose Dragon play to clear his field and still keep Monster presence. He couldn't recover from that, so I won.

I ended up topping and getting some store credit. I had gotten sleeves last weekend and didn't really need any cards, so I just bought packs. I pulled a T.G. Halberd Cannon, so I guess that makes it worth it.

So yeah, I pretty good weekend. I still need to work on my Side Deck, though.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Post 300

I guess that this might be considered special. It'll just be another random stuff post.

Apparently everyone's now on Dueling Network. Seems interesting. However, it seems to be riddled with the main problem that plagued KCVDS: people who don't know rulings/how to play. It's not enjoyable if you're only playing against newbs all the time. Besides, my spare time is being eaten up by Minecraft.

I suppose that it might help if I were able to play against good players, but still. It's not the same experience as dueling across the table from another person. If I do go on Dueling Network, it would be to use a fun deck or a deck I wouldn't be able to use normally (with OCG cards).

To move on to something else, I've been thinking about adding a tech Breaker the Magical Warrior to my Scraps Reborn deck. It seems good, but I'm not sure what to take out.

Summoner Monk seems like the prime candidate, but it's helpful sometimes against faster decks or for making faster plays (such as one backed by Giant Trunade). However, it wastes my valuable Spells, and it could be Veiled, leaving it useless. These are the same reasons I took it out of the Scrap Anti-Stun variant.

The Side Deck is still somewhat awkward. I basically took out all of the Spell/Trap hate to make room for Closed Forests (and Maxx "C"s to an extent). I do Main Deck Royal Decree, but it's not as helpful against Dimensional Fissure. I guess that Breaker could deal with that...

I'm still looking for ideas for my Psychic deck. I really have no clue as to how it would work out, seeing as how people focus entirely on the FTK or the Halberd Cannon lock. Maybe I could try it out on Dueling Network...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tournament Report 5/14/11

So, I went to locals today with Scraps Reborn. Yeah...

I helped Yugilo with his Beast deck. Other than that, I didn't do much.

Round 1: vs Newbie Water Deck

I thought that he was playing Newbie Spellcasters at first, since his first Monster was Gemini Elf, but then he summoned some Water stuff and played A Legendary Ocean. Either way, 2-0.

Round 2: vs Gladiator Beasts

-Duel 1: Reborn Tengu is amazing. It held me in the game for a while, since I couldn't draw a Scrap Tuner for some reason. Forbidden Lance/Chalice made sure that I could get over his Laquari, and Reborn Tengu did the rest by itself.
-Duel 2: Swarming with Scraps. Orthros is much better than I thought at first.

Round 3: vs Chaos Synchro

-Duel 1: I drew no Scrap cards in my starting hand, again... It's okay, though, since his deck couldn't mount an offensive that quickly, and my starting hand contained two Effect Veilers. When I did finally draw into my Scrap cards, I was able to swarm and stuff. I shut down his Locomotion R-Genex and Black Rose Dragon with my Veilers, and he couldn't do much else.
-Duel 2: He didn't have Effect Veilers to stop my swarm. Orthros was very helpful.

Round 4: vs Gravekeeper's

My opponent this round was 3zinferno of YouTube.

-Duel 1: I drew Scrap Orthros, two Scrapstorms, Reborn Tengu, and some incoherent cards. I didn't have enough to push through his back row, and couldn't do anything.
-Duel 2: Royal Decree/Closed Forest beatdown and Scrap Chimera swarms.
-Duel 3: He Set two back rows and summoned Rai-Oh. I Set Reborn Tengu and Malevolent Catastrophe. He attacked, Catastrophe destroyed Solemn Warning and Royal Oppression (yay!), and Reborn Tengu was destroyed. He argued that it wouldn't activate since it was face-down, comparing it to Catastor. I knew that that was completely wrong (Catastor activates sub-step 1, Tengu sub-step 7, and by that time, Tengu is already face-up, having been flipped in sub-step 2). After a little while of arguing, he let me Special Summon my Tengu. It didn't help me much, though, since he killed the next two with the Rai-Oh over the next two turns. I just couldn't draw a Scrap Tuner for some reason... After that, when my LP were already low, I proceeded to draw into two Solemn Warnings and three Closed Forests. All I needed was a Monster, but no. I couldn't even use my Warnings, since I was at 3200 LP, and if I Warned and he negated it with Seven Tools, I would've lost immediately. So, I lost when he got a Commandant on the field to kill me in two turns.

Round 5: vs Six Samurai

-Duel 1: He activated Gateway and United, summoned Mizuho, and Set two back rows. Phew... What's even better was that I drew a great hand to counter his set-up. I summoned Scrap Chimera, then Special Summoned Scrap Orthros, targeting itself for its destruction effect. Chain Scrapstorm to get a second Chimera into the Graveyard, then to my hand. Chimera got killed by Mirror Force. Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed his face-down Magatama, and a second destroyed the Gateway on his turn after he summoned Kagemusha. Synchro for Shi En after drawing for United, I take 2500 damage, and he Set a back row. I Special Summoned Cyber Dragon, trying to bait out that back row. He didn't respond, so I summoned Scrap Goblin to Synchro for Thought Ruler Archfiend. He dropped Effect Veiler, telling me his back row is Dimensional Prison. I ended my turn. He activated another United, summoned Kamon, then sent United for one draw, looking for an answer to Thought Ruler. After that, he ended. I summoned Scrap Chimera, reviving Orthros (so awesome). I attacked Kamon with Chimera, then Shi En with Thought Ruler, bringing me back to 8000 LP. I didn't attack with Orthros, instead Synchro Summoning Scrap Dragon to destroy my Giant Trunade and his Dimensional Prison. He Set a Monster and a back row, and it was over. Scrap Dragon cleared his back row, and Thought Ruler killed his Monster. He couldn't retaliate.
-Duel 2: He Set a bunch of back rows. I Set three back rows and Scrap Beast. He used Giant Trunade, then summoned Kageki into Mizuho. Mizuho's effect destroyed Scrap Beast, he attacked directly, and re-Set his back rows. I topped Giant Trunade and played it to clear the way for Scrap Chimera. I attacked with Chimera and Beast, then re-Set my back rows, forgetting to Synchro. It was the right play, though, since my back rows were Forbidden Chalice, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Royal Decree. He searched for Shinai with Shien's Smoke Signal, then summoned Mizuho. Bottomless dealt with that, and Decree locked down his Traps in the End Phase. I Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon, then searched for Scrap Orthros with Scrapyard. Special Summon and destroy itself to get back Scrap Chimera (so good!). I then summoned Scrap Chimera and pushed for a bunch of damage. He couldn't get around the Decree, so I won.

So yeah, I went 4-1 and got 3rd place, which won me some store credit; not bad. I used the store credit on some sleeves and some packs of Extreme Victory. I pulled T.G. Recipro Dragonfly, but nothing else was noteworthy.

I don't know what the deal with not drawing Scrap Tuners was. I play ten ways to get them, seriously. In four of the eleven duels, I didn't draw a Scrap Tuner in my starting hand, despite the fact that there's about an 80% chance that I would. Seriously... I don't know what I'm supposed to do about such bad luck. It does seem that I can survive without them for long enough to wait to draw into them, though, so I might not have to deal with it.

By the way, I dueled a match against Yugilo with the T.G. Control deck that will probably be featured in videos starting Monday. You might be able to see it on his channel before then, if he uploads it soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Stuff #29

I haven't really been posting because Minecraft has been taking up my time. It's actually pretty interesting.

I've been working on a house/fortress made of diamond blocks with a secret tunnel underground. Today, I just finished a small tower on top of the building, with a bunch of arrow dispensers. To make it a rapid-fire arrow launcher, I first tried a "blinker" set-up. It worked, but there's no way of turning it on or off due to how Redstone Torches work.

Instead, I just made a circuit that loops and powers itself once turned on. It would send the charge to the dispensers once per second or so, effectively creating an automatic arrow launcher. What's great is that I could still just use a previous set-up to shoot the arrows once, but if I wanted it on rapid-fire, I could hit a separate button.

It worked amazingly, too amazingly. It lagged the server because it shot so many arrows at once. So, I had to remove the automatic function. How sad. It's okay, since it was a great proof of concept.

Now that I've bored you with Minecraft, I should talk about Yu-Gi-Oh.

I'm going to try and make a Psychic deck once I get the Silent Psychic Wizards. I'm still not sure about how exactly I want to make it.

Psi-Beast, despite its ugliness, can be pretty helpful with removing Esper Girl from play. It also supplies cards for Psychic Feel Zone, so I guess that's a little more useful than removing Esper Girl.

The main concern is that I don't want to focus entirely on these remove from play shenanigans, since they won't work all the time. All of them work only when the Monster is sent to the Graveyard, and some of them can Miss the Timing.

Pandaborg and Psi-Blocker would probably be good cards to use, but I'm not sure exactly how I want to make the deck. There's just no (good) precedent, so I'll have to see where this goes. And no, I'm not making some Mind Master-based FTK.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Regionals Report 5/7/11

As discussed, I went to Regionals with my Scrap Worms deck. There weren't that many people, and almost none of my friends were able to make it. How sad.

The upside was that I bought three Maxx "C"s for $8 each. That's an amazingly good price. I was also able to trade an Ultra Rare Reborn Tengu for a Super Rare version. The guy didn't care, and I was fine with that.

So yeah, in all, there were 311 people.

Round 1: vs Gravekeeper's

This guy apparently sat next to me at the YCS, so he knew what I was playing.

-Duel 1: Lots of draw-pass-draw-pass in the beginning, so we wouldn't reveal our decks to each other. I made a push with Scraps, then he dropped Necrovalley to make a play. I was in control of the duel, but after a while, I kept drawing Monsters. He used Compulsory Evacuation Device on my Worm Xex, then used Royal Tribute on my hand of four Monsters... Yeah, that's fair. I lost because I had no cards and was locked down by Necrovalley.
-Duel 2: I locked him down with Closed Forest, or something. I won fairly easily.
-Duel 3: I dropped Thought Ruler Archfiend to gain some LP, but then it got bounced by Gravekeeper's Guard; gotta watch out for that now... Anyway, we went into time, and neither of us could do damage to each other. And, our LP were tied at 6500 each, so it ended in a draw. I didn't mind, since I could tell that he was a really good player.

Round 2: vs Debris Hero

-Duel 1: He drew badly, and I capitalized with Scrap stuff.
-Duel 2: I dropped Scrap Twin Dragon and negated his Black Rose explosion with Forbidden Chalice. Catastor ripped through the E-Hero Gaia he then Fusion Summoned, and Brionac won me the game from there. Synchros are broken.

Round 3: vs Hero Beat

-Duel 1: Royal Oppression locked me down, and I couldn't make a play until it was too late.
-Duel 2: Malevolent Catastrophe and Ally Salvo cleared five of the seven cards he had left. I made a push with Scrap Chimera next turn and won from there.
-Duel 3: I lost to double Solemn Warning and Royal Oppression...

Round 4: vs Gravekeeper's

This guy took forever to make even the most simple moves, it was really annoying.

-Duels 1 and 2: I don't remember either of these duels very well, but I won one of them and lost the other.
-Duel 3: Friggin' Royal Tribute. It was okay, though, since I drew into Closed Forest and Scrap Chimera, in that order, allowing me to make a comeback.

Round 5: vs Gravekeeper's

-Duel 1: He couldn't get to his Necrovalley, so I actually had a chance. The pivotal moment, however, was when I read that his last back row was a Bottomless Trap Hole or a Dimensional Prison, causing me to not Synchro Summon Scrap Dragon right away, instead deciding to attack with Scrap Beast and Chimera. I ran into a Mirror Force and lost next turn.
-Duel 2: Closed Forest, yay!
-Duel 3: He went first, summoned Descendant, Set three back rows, activated Commandant to activate Necrovalley, then played Royal Tribute. My hand was two Scrapyards, Nobleman of Crossout, Cyber Dragon, and Scrap Chimera. I lost.

So, with my record being X-2-1, I knew that I couldn't Top. The draw would've been great if I were X-1-1, but X-2-1 is basically equivalent to X-3 at that point. How sad.

Anyway, I dropped to join a Win-a-Mat event.

Round 1: vs Gravekeeper's

What's with all the Gravekeeper's...?

-Duel 1: I forget how I lost. I think it was to Royal Oppression.
-Duel 2: He drew badly, so I beat him down with Scrap Chimera.
-Duel 3: Yay, Closed Forest! I really hate the Gravekeeper's match-up, but that's where Closed Forest proves its worth.

Round 2: vs Chaos Junk Doppel

This kid was really annoying. He wasn't actually a kid; he was older than me, but he acted so immature and hyperactive.

-Duel 1: He drew horrible, and I drew amazingly. So many Scrap shenanigans...
-Duel 2: Opposite of last game.
-Duel 3: I whittled down his resources, using Bottomless Trap Hole on Frozen Fitzgerald when he only had one card in hand. That card was Pot of Avarice, letting him draw into Chaos Sorcerer and Call of the Haunted while he had a full Graveyard. I didn't even have a Scrap Beast in the Graveyard (the only Monsters I had drawn were Worms, Cyber Dragons, and Scrap Chimera), so a topped Scrap Chimera couldn't even save me. What's sad is that I never drew a Maxx "C" or a D.D. Crow...

So yeah, I basically scrubbed out at Regionals, failing to Top with Scrap Worms. Oh well.

What's worse is that I'll have to switch to the Reborn Tengu variant; Worms are too slow against Chaos Plants/Junk Doppel, Fish FTK (and I guess OTK), and Karakuri. The meta is basically forcing me to make my deck faster, which is sad, but doable, since we now have Reborn Tengu and Scrap Orthros. So, I'll see how that goes...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Just a quick post; I've been looking into the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

One reason that it's appealing is the same reason that I like Duel Masters, it has a resource system that lets you use any card as a resource, as opposed to limiting you to Lands or Energy.

I just read the first 57 pages of the 77-page rulebook, and also some of the other stuff on loops and keywords. So far, it seems interesting.

I mean, there are some pretty humorous card effects.

Thundering Footsteps, 8, Ability
As an additional cost to play, stomp your feet.
Put a 10 [Melee] / 10 [Health] Mechanical ally token named Fel Reaver into play.

Not to mention this keyword:

AWESOME: At the start of your turn, each player may compliment this card. If he does, he draws a card.

Yeah, these types of things make me want to play the card game. I'm going to look into the cost of playing and if any nearby card shops hold tournament for it. If any of you have played, or know something about the game, I'd appreciate input or advice.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Regionals This Weekend...

So, after being taunted with the EXVC Sneak Preview, I won't be able to use those cards for the Regional. I was happy about that at first. But then I realized that the EXVC cards could help me quite a bit.

Anyway, I might be able to actually go to a tournament this Friday to get a last bit of practice before the Regional. I'm hoping to do pretty well, seeing as how the brokenness known as T.G. Hyper Librarian hasn't gotten here, yet.

Either way, I don't have much to change in my Scrap Worms deck. The Side Deck is the main thing, since the Main Deck doesn't have much room for changes.

So I'm thinking about Side Decking a third Effect Veiler over a second D.D. Crow. D.D. Crow is nice against Dragunities, Fish OTK (not FTK), Chaos Plants/Junk Doppel, and X-Sabers. I actually almost forgot that removing one of the targets of Gottoms' Emergency Call with D.D. Crow also stops the other target from being Special Summoned.

Effect Veiler does basically everything D.D. Crow does except stop Pot of Avarice and revival cards, which I don't particularly care about. That actually makes me consider; I might want to side D.D. Crow in against Six Samurai, since multiple Double-Edged Sword Techniques are proving to be annoying when I don't have a Scrap Dragon out.

I'll probably keep the balance at what it is now, since I kind of need the remove from play ability provided by D.D. Crow, especially since I decided to drop Banisher of the Radiance.

Oh yeah, I'll be trying to pick up cards from EXVC, mainly Silent Psychic Wizard and Overmind Archfiend. I guess I can try to pick up Tour Guides before the price shoots up like crazy.

So yeah, why am I barfing my random thoughts onto a blog post? I don't have much else to talk about. Maybe I'll look more into a Psychic or T.G. deck later in the week.