Saturday, February 27, 2010

Regionals Report 2/27/10

So, I went to Regionals today with a couple friends who might end up appearing in some videos soon.

I wanted to play Dark Reverse Junk and Debris, but in testing the night before, it didn't do so well. I just went with Cyclone Monarchs.

It was very tiring, since it was 9 rounds long. Fortunately for me, I pulled a Battle Fader out of the Absolute Powerforce packs we were given. I threw it into my deck, and it was very helpful.

I don't feel like typing out long, detailed descriptions of each duel, so I'll just list the deck my opponent was using and the result. I'll also add an interesting note about each match.

Round 1: vs Gladiator Beasts - XOO
-I thought that I had lost, but Royal Oppression saved me.

Round 2: vs Final Countdown - OO
-He couldn't do anything against Dark Simorgh.

Round 3: vs Lightsworn Zombies - OXO
-He didn't run Judgment Dragon, and it was more of a Zombie deck than a Lightsworn deck. Both of my wins were a result of him decking out.

Round 4: vs Lightsworn - XOO
-Rai-Oh won me the second game and Mark of the Rose gave me the third.

I was happy with my performance at this point (4-0), but it ended up being all downhill from there.

Round 5: vs Blackwings - XOX
-Icarus Attack is evil.

Round 6: vs Lightsworn - XOX
-I lost to double Judgment Dragon first and third games.

Round 7: vs Dark Deck - XX
-It was an odd deck with a D-Hero engine and Vayu. I got terrible draws the first game and bad draws the second.

Round 8: vs Fire Synchro - XOX
-Another odd deck.; it focused on Flamvells. I got bad draws again...

Round 9: vs Blackwings - XOX
-I lost the first game to piercing and the third to Gorz.

I ended up going 4-5, which was sad. I placed 138 out of 368.

I was lucky enough to get every card I needed, including Junk Archer and two more Core Transport Units. I also got three Machina Mayhem Structure Decks, so expect to see more new decks with the dawn of the next format.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Stuff #2

Yay, the 100th post. I didn't plan on anything special for this post, since I did that kind of thing for the 83rd post.

I didn't plan on posting today, either. But because of certain circumstances, I will most likely be unable to post tomorrow.

So, I was hoping to go to a Regional Qualifier on Saturday. The problem is that it's not March yet, so I'll probably have to duel against people playing Lightsworn decks, desperately trying to get their Nationals invite before their deck dies two days later.

Also, I don't know what to play. If I can't figure something out, I'll just play Cyclone Monarchs, but it's not optimal for this format. It's probably not going to be that amazing next format, but I'm expecting it to do better.

I have the urge to play some sort of Junk and Debris variant. I'm not sure which one, though... Dark Reverse, maybe? I don't like the Neo-Spacian variant too much, since it's more of a beatdown deck, and I like to play a more control-based build.

I was also considering a Koa'ki Meiru deck of some sort. I should be able to get two more Core Transport Units at the Regional, but I don't have a good build planned out or anything...

Maybe I should just mess with people and play an anti-meta deck... but then I'd rather play Core Control modified for this format...

Ergh, I'll probably just end up playing Cyclone Monarchs...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5D's Episode 98

A decent episode. They actually fit a whole duel in the episode.

So Jack got owned by Andore. We can call Andore on his silliness, though, because he had a weird Monster the can remove itself for a turn by removing another Monster on his field when it was declared as an attack target. That's not that silly, but the silly part is that that Monster's effect prevents the opponent from making a replay. Honestly, why?

Also, Andore played a random Trap, known as Different Dimension Barrier - Lost Force (similar to how Mirror Force is called Holy Barrier - Mirror Force in the OCG). It's basically a Magic Cylinder with the requirement that one of your Monsters was removed from the field (except by battle). Seriously, Andore, if you're such a pro, at least play Dimension Wall.

Jack made a small turn-around, using Rage Resynchro to revive his Red Dragon Archfiend with an extra 500 ATK after it was killed by Andore's Thunder Unicorn. He also negated Andore's Dimension Trap (which would have let him reuse Lost Force by removing it from his Graveyard along with a Monster on his field) with his own Trap, Overpower (which negates the effect of a card that would negate the attack of a Monster).

But, then Jack got owned by Speed World 2's burn effect. I think the writers were too lazy to finish duels the normal way, so they just added a burn effect that people could basically use whenever they want during Riding Duels.

In the next episode, we get to see Andore own Aki. Yay...

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot. Jack's D-Wheel exploded, again... just like every other time he's lost...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've been looking into Psychics recently. Why?

Psychic Trigger. It's a Trap that basically removes two Psychics from your Graveyard to give you two draws. That's a +1.

Not to mention the other Psychic draw card, Psychic Overload, which, while less attractive than Psychic Trigger, is also a +1.

Psychics also have an amazing Special Summoning cards like Emergency Teleport and Telekinetic Power Well.

So, why aren't Psychics being played?

They have very few decent Monsters. Aside from Krebons and Psychic Commander (which are Tuners you can Special Summon with Emergency Teleport), and maybe Mind Master (which is part of an OTK), what good Psychics can you think of? Thought Ruler Archfiend, maybe Magical Android? That's just five, and two of them are generic Synchro Monsters.

Another reason why no one plays them is because their effects cost too many Life Points. Destructotron can clear your opponent's back row by itself; sounds good, right? That's until you see that it costs 1000 LP per card, not to mention that it kills itself if you don't have another Psychic out.

But, we've been given some hope with Absolute Powerforce. The new Psychic Monster they released (which was also the ONLY Psychic Monster in the set) gives a great boost to Psychics.

Pandaborg is essentially a recruiter, but its effect costs you 800 LP and you can only get Level 4 Psychics with it. That's certainly not bad, it's just not as good as it could have been.

For instance, you could let your Pandaborg die, Special Summon Destructotron, making your opponent weary of setting Spells/Traps, then tribute it or use it for a Synchro Summon after it's cleared away your opponent's threats. After that, you'd have two Psychics in the Graveyard for your Psychic Trigger.

I'm planning to trying a Psychic engine in the near future. I'll post my findings when I make them...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reliance on the Graveyard in the Next Format

It's not good. With Dimensional Eatos, Gladiator Beasts (which often side into Dimensional Fissure, if they don't main it), and Gadgets (which often main Dimensional Fissure and Banisher of the Radiance) in the game, it's going to prevent decks that rely on their Graveyards from winning consistently.

Well, that's what I'm worrying about, anyway.

I'm expecting those decks to be played next format due to the release of Starlight Road. Gladiator Beasts and Gadgets would probably do well regardless, but it certainly helps them.

So, if you're playing a deck that relies on your Graveyard and you face one of these decks, you probably aren't going to win. It's not like you have no chance, it's just that you are at a disadvantage.

I'm not saying that you're not going to win against these decks. But if more people start to play those types of decks, then your chances of winning even a small tournament decrease. Chances are, you're not going to win very often against those types of decks.

However, if you don't care about where your Monsters go, then you're going to have an inherent advantage against decks like those, since their Dimensional Fissures and such will not help them. Obviously, with Gadgets and Gladiator Beasts, they can just side those cards out (or not side them in), since they don't need them. But Dimensional Eatos can't just take those cards out without taking out their three Eatos.

That's why I'm trying to figure out a deck that is creative, yet doesn't rely heavily on the Graveyard...

But, this worrying could all be for nothing. People might not play those types of decks, or they just might not be as good as I think they are. I guess we'll have to wait a few weeks or so to find out...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tournament Report 2/19/10

I was finally able to go to my locals for a tournament with a couple friends. I was running Cyclone Monarchs, even though the deck is designed more for the next format.

In anticipation for the next format, I went and bought a second Swallow Flip. I wanted to buy the Battle Fader that was sitting there, taunting me, but it cost too much ($35). I'll wait for the price to go down, since I need at least one to replace the Necro Gardna I'm going to lose to the ban list.

Round 1: vs Six Samurai

I was paired against one of my friends, and won the first two duels.

Round 2: vs Blackwings

This guy wasn't using Vayu, but he still ran Royal Oppression and such.

-Duel 1: I won.
-Duel 2: He got double Black Whirlwind, which means I lost.
-Duel 3: I double Dust Tornadoed his set cards so I could drop Dark Armed Dragon for game.

Round 3: vs D-Hero Monarchs

-Duel 1: He didn't really get to use his Destiny Draw engine, and I won.
-Duel 2: He got me down to low LP, but I turned it around with Brain Control.

Round 4: vs Gladiator Beasts

-Duel 1: He made some odd choices with tagging, usually going for Laquari despite being able to get advantage off of other Gladiator Beasts. So, I won.
-Duel 2: I sided into Oppressions, got lucky, and won.

Round 5: vs D-Hero Zombies

This was like the fourth time I played against this same guy, but I knew his deck, so it helped me.

-Duel 1: I forced him to waste all of his cards. I proceeded to Synchro for Junk Warrior and beat face.
-Duel 2: He got all three of his Destiny Draws for free off of Diamond Dude. Obviously, I lost.
-Duel 3: I didn't draw many Monsters, and the ones I did draw got removed from play by Bottomless Trap Hole or Dimensional Prison. My Traps didn't help against all of his floaters, and I lost.

So, I went 4-1, getting 3rd place, which was good. I spent the store credit I won on a Core Transport Unit! I just need two more, and I'll be able to make a good Koa'ki Meiru deck!

Cyclone Monarchs did well, considering it wasn't designed for this format. If I faced a Lightsworn deck, I probably would have lost. Surprisingly, there were no Lightsworn decks; probably because the deck got killed by the ban list, and people don't want to play a deck they won't be able to use in two weeks.

A side note: I got to play a little more on the Duel Terminals. Aki lent me a couple Japanese Duel Terminal cards from the second Japanese Duel Terminal, and they actually worked! It was pretty cool, using a Japanese X-Saber Palomlo (Palomuro in the TCG; darn Konami and their romaji...) and Michizure (Destiny Bond in Pokemon). Too bad winning doesn't get you anything, though...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

March 2010 OCG Ban List

I'm not going to repost it for you guys, since it's already all over the Internet. Besides, I'm sure you've all memorized it anyway...

Overall, I think it's a good list. I would've liked Black Whirlwind at 1, but Konami wants to sell their new Blackwing stuff, so yeah. It slowed basically every other meta deck down, which is good.

As for the Lightsworn problem, they made a very insightful move by Limiting both Lumina and Charge of the Light Brigade. The main problem with Lightsworn decks in the past is that they had overwhelming odds to get a Lumina and another Lightsworn on the field on the first turn to mill a bunch of cards. With the chance of getting a Lumina drastically reduced, we don't have to worry that much about Judgment Dragon. Not to mention the fact that with only one Necro Gardna and two Honests, they aren't as protected against attacks.

The Limit on Necro Gardna made me very sad, as it is my favorite card (and I have four of them...). However, Lightsworn decks broke it, so it had to be restricted in some way. They probably should have only put it to 2, but still...

Destiny Draw and Allure of Darkness getting Limited is nice. No more Destiny Hero engine! Now I can go out and buy a couple Malicious for a cheaper price...

Mezuki, Burial from a Different Dimension, and Foolish Burial were all Limited. They only needed to Limit either Mezuki or Burial from a Different Dimension to slow down Zombies, but since both went, Zombie decks died. How sad. The Limit on Foolish Burial was unnecessary, since the only decks that played 2 were some Junk and Debris variants.

The Limits on Mind Crush and Necroface were random. What's wrong with being able to rip the Blackwing your opponent got for free from their hand?

Demise getting Semi-Limited worries me for some reason. I guess with all of the new Ritual support, it's once again a viable deck type.

Cyber Dragon was also Semi-Limited, which is for the Cyber Dragon decks, with their shiny new Cyber Eltanin and Cyber Dragon Zwei. It also helps Monarchs, in a way.

Speaking of helping Monarchs, they gave us Treeborn Frog and Dandylion at 2. Treeborn Frog at 2 is kind of pointless. I would still play one, but I suppose it gives players the option to play another one if they want to draw into it or something... As for Dandylion, it also helps Junk and Debris and Plants.

Three magical Continuous Traps known as Royal Decree, Royal Oppression, and Skill Drain were Semi-Limited. I guess that's good, since they can essentially kill entire decks.

Mask of Darkness and Smashing Ground were (finally) Unlimited. That's nice. Mask of Darkness makes up for taking away a copy of each of those Continuous Traps, and Smashing Ground can help all decks (specifically Gadgets).

So, like I said, this format is going to be pretty good overall. There should be quite a few meta decks, though people will probably gravitate more towards Blackwings and Gladiator Beasts.

Starlight Road is also being released soon after the ban list comes into effect, so make sure to pick up your copies of Nobleman of Extermination before the price goes up...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5D's Episode 97

The end of the duel between Yusei and Andore. Kind of lame...

So, apparently Yusei's Junk Archer backed by the set card was enough to let him live through the turn. And he lives through another turn with Shield Wing.

Then, Yusei draws Debris Dragon, does a little combo, and Synchro Summons Stardust Dragon. He attacked Green Baboon and activated Synchro Strike, surprising Andore and dropping him to 100 LP.

As Andore starts to count down mysteriously, Yusei dramatically states one of the effects of Speed World 2, trying to inflict burn damage since he has a Speed Spell. Andore finishes counting, and the practice time is up. I'm sad to
say I saw this coming...

Andore claims that it's a draw, and Yusei agrees, thinking that Andore's set card could have stopped him somehow.

Then, Crow goes to see the Satellite children, who drew a picture of him:

However, Crow goes and crashes into someone (again...) and breaks his arm. How sad. Aki volunteers to take his place on Team 5D's, and that's basically it.

Discussion of the new OCG ban list will commence soon...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Stuff

So, back to posting...

I ended up being well enough to make more videos with Aki, so I'm going to start posting videos again, starting today. Although I could have probably posted videos during my illness, I was worried that I would run out if I wasn't able to make videos this weekend. Either way, stuff worked out for the better.

There's lots of hype about the ban list. The V-Jump with the ban list spoilers (and E-Hero Neos Knight) isn't coming out until Friday (2/20), so lists posted online (particularly on Pojo) will most likely be fakes. Fake scans are usually discernible by the Japanese names of the cards (which are from previous years) not matching the card pictures that are edited in. In one instance, I saw a Dark Armed Dragon with the name above the card saying サイバー・ドラゴン (Cyber Dragon).

The set list for The Shining Darkness has been revealed, and the pack has some pretty neat cards, aside from the Blackwing and Infernity support. I'll probably talk about it eventually, or maybe rant about it when Konami decides to jack up the rarities on all of the nice cards.

I defeated Palmer in the 49th consecutive Battle Tower match today. I got the "Gold Print" and 20BP. I was hoping for more BP, since it took forever to kill his Cresselia (I was saving Gallade for Heatran and Regigigas), but I still have a bunch of BP that I don't even know what to do with.

Aki and I played a little PBR online today. It was fun, since we took 3 of my Pokemon and 3 of his and put them in a Doubles Team. We got one great match against a good trainer, but Aki's Gliscor killed my Regice (which was taking hits from Sableye and Ampharos like a beast!).

Drill Warrior is good. You'll see what I mean in three days...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Next Format - 3/1/10

It's already that time. The time when people go crazy over the next new ban list.

Although, I do not try to make predictions, since Konami is often too crazy to predict, I do have hopes for the next ban list.

For one, Judgment Dragon being Limited. If it doesn't happen, then whoever makes the ban lists has some serious issues. No need to go in depth on this one.

Black Whirlwind to 1 would also be nice. Blackwings are good enough by themselves to be played without Whirlwind. In fact, I think that builds that don't have a heavy dependence on Black Whirlwind may be better. I'll have to try one out for myself.

Of course, Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier should have been Limited when it was released.

They should have never moved Mezuki from 1 to 2. It was good at 1; I even played 1 when I didn't have a second one, and it worked out fine. It's just the crazy stuff Zombies can pull off with 2 Mezuki and Burial from a Different Dimension that makes the deck good.

Actually, I really don't understand why people insist on Limiting Burial from a Different Dimension. It's not amazingly amazing by itself. Most people only use it with Mezuki, Vayu, or Necro Gardna. The latter two aren't nearly broken enough to warrant putting Burial at 1.

So, if Lightsworn, Blackwings, and Zombies are hit, what's left? Gladiator Beasts, D.D. Eatos, and Infernities, when they come out. Okay, so?

Gladiator Beast and Eatos decks basically rely on getting the right combination of Monsters to Spells/Traps. From what I've seen, it's usually the opening hand that decides the game.

What's annoying is when they do just summon a Monster and play the rest of their hand to the back row. You've got Heavy Storm? So what? They've got a Solemn Judgment, Dark Bribe, and/or Starlight Road to stop you. You're siding Nobleman of Extermination (good idea, by the way (not sarcasm)), but they can still get around it.

You all should know, or at least be aware of the crazy junk Infernities can do.

What I'm basically trying to say is that when the broken decks of the format are taken down by the ban list, new broken decks will arise. It's going to be increasingly difficult to have a balanced meta in this game, which kind of sucks...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Absolute Powerforce Sneak Preview

I went today with some of my friends. It was pretty fun.

So, when I entered for the first time, I found out that that would be the only time I'd be able to enter. Konami made it so that you could only enter once per day. How sad...

What's worse is that I only pulled one holo. At least it was a decent one: Saber Hole. It was kind of like how I only pulled Gladiator Beast War Chariot from the Duelist Genesis Sneak Peek.

I was trying for a Battle Fader, but the only guy I talked to with one didn't want to give it up for less than $45. It's good, but it's not THAT good. I got an Ultimate Rare Drill Warrior for $10, though.

What's cool is that I was able to play on the new Duel Terminals! I got 6 cards and did one Speed Duel. The only holo I got was an X-Saber Wayne, which was exactly what Aki got when he went to the Duel Terminal in Japan. It wasn't much, but it was nice to get a holo...

After that, and a little more looking for Battle Fader, I gave up hope. I ended up trading my Saber Hole to the guy I dueled in Round 4 of this tournament. I got a Duel Terminal Ally of Justice Catastor, which was nice. I was going to get another Catastor anyway, so might as well get a Duel Terminal one.

One of my friends challenged that guy to a duel. My friend was playing Six Samurai and the guy (who I would also say is my friend, but it would get too confusing) was playing X-Sabers. The guy pulled off an amazingly amazing play, Creature Swapping an Emmersblade (really cool) for a Grandmaster of the Six Samurai with a Spirit of the Six Samurai attached. That was +3.

After my friend lost terribly, I challenged the guy to a duel. I used my new, unfinished (three proxies) deck which I had been testing out: Absolute Chaos Cyclone. It's a deck that focuses on dropping E-Hero AbZ, Chaos Sorcerer, and Dark Simorgh, and uses a Neo-Spacian engine. When it works, it's pretty cool, but it's still pretty inconsistent.

We played two matches, which amounted to six duels. We each won one match, and it was an awesome six duels. He pulled off his Loop of Awesome Names twice, but I was able to drop Dark Simorgh on the first turn twice.

One of the game-breaking cards in the duels was Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin. Yes, the Dolphin. I was able to drop it, see his hand, destroy a Monster, and put a card into my Graveyard, all at the same time. It won one game all by itself (well, not ALL by itself) and it set me up for a first turn Dark Simorgh.

Summon Aqua Dolphin, pitch Dark Simorgh to see his hand and destroy Regigura. Future Fusion for Elemental Hero Tempest (yes, Tempest), dumping Avian, Sparkman, and Bubbleman. Remove Dark Simorgh and Avian to Special Summon the Dark Simorgh in my hand. Gold Sarcophagus for Miracle Fusion and set Call of the Haunted. Upon realizing that he couldn't set cards, he claimed that it was "game over!"

The end of that game was even more epic. He was able to Special Summon Faultroll from his hand. He tuned Fulhelmknight to Regigura for Armory Arm, and equipped it to Faultroll. He attacked over my Dark Simorgh, which was there since the start of the game.

"Okay, I take 700 Battle Damage," I moved Dark Simorgh to the Graveyard, "I take 2700 Effect Damage," I dropped Gorz, "and you take 2700 Effect Damage." He was at 2000 LP. That was a once in a lifetime occurrence. Awesome.

So, overall, the Sneak Peek was pretty fun. I used up a bunch of money, though, buying a Prisma, a Dark Armed Dragon (from my friend, so he could enter), a Drill Warrior, and the five ABPF packs. It was worth it, though.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Priority confuses many players. It's simple to explain and apply, but hard to understand.

Basically, when a Monster is summoned, the turn player has priority to activate an Ignition Effect or a Spell Speed 2 or higher effect. When a Chain resolves, the turn player has priority to activate a Spell Speed 2 or higher effect.

For instance, when you Synchro Summon Brionac using Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North and Shura the Blue Flame as Synchro Materials, you, the turn player, have priority to activate an Ignition Effect or a Spell Speed 2 or higher effect.

Brionac's effect is an Ignition Effect, so you could use your priority to activate it on the summon. However, you could use the Ignition Effect of another card, such as a Destiny Hero Malicious that is in your Graveyard or a Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind that is on your side of the field. What I'm trying to say is that you don't have to use the Ignition Effect of the Monster you just summoned; you can use any one Ignition Effect.

Of course, you could also use your priority to use a Spell Speed 2 or higher effect. For instance, you could use priority to activate Super Polymerization from your hand in response to the summon, fusing your Brionac and your opponent's Elemental Hero Stratos to Fusion Summon Elemental Hero Absolute Zero.

However, if a Trigger Effect (or a Trigger-like effect) would activate in response to the summon, then you would not be able to use priority to activate an Ignition Effect. In this case, the opponent of the player who the Trigger Effect belongs to will have priority to respond.

Let's say you Synchro Summon Brionac using Plaguespreader Zombie and Goblin Zombie as Synchro Materials. As soon as Brionac is summoned, Goblin Zombie's Trigger Effect activates, assuming it was sent to the Graveyard. Goblin Zombie's Trigger Effect prevents you from using a Spell Speed 1 Ignition Effect (like Brionac's), and since the Trigger Effect was yours, your opponent gets priority to respond with a Spell Speed 2 or higher effect.

What would happen if you were to Normal Summon Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind while your opponent has Stumbling on the field? Stumbling's Trigger-like effect will activate in response to Gale's successful summon, and you could not be able to use Gale's Spell Speed 1 Ignition Effect. However, since it was your opponent's Trigger-like effect, you are given priority to respond with a Spell Speed 2 or higher effect.

One more thing that you may want to know about priority:

The turn player basically has priority any time when the opponent does not. The turn player's opponent would only have priority when the turn player passes it to them, which would include when:

-the turn player activates an effect; priority would be passed to the opponent to give them a chance to respond.
-the turn player moves from one Phase to the next.
-the turn player verbally passes priority to the opponent; this usually occurs when the turn player does not want to use an Ignition Effect on the summon of a Monster (for example, Zombie Master), but is not limited to this.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed, or at least understood a portion of, this lesson in priority. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5D's Episode 95

This episode was okay-ish. Crow continued his duel with Bolgar. He obviously won, being a main character.

Crow made up (more) broken Blackwings, including a Level 4 Tuner, a Hedge Guard-esque one, and one you can Special Summon from your Graveyard by bouncing a card on your field and taking 400 damage. That last one was just used in a loop so that Crow could win with Black Feather Dragon.

Also, they changed the effect of BFD in the anime. The anime effect actually makes more sense, but is impractical for the actual game. Instead of gaining a Black Feather Counter, BFD's ATK would go down by the amount of damage Crow would have taken. The whole "move the ATK loss to an opponent's Monster" still exists, though.

Oh, and Crow apparently uses multiples of his cards. His Bora the Spear died in episode 94, but then he summoned another one so that he could Synchro Summon Black Feather Dragon using that Level 4 Tuner.

The weirdest thing about the episode: Black Feather Dragon was locked in Crow's D-Wheel or something, and his compassion for the Satellite children allowed him to use it. Extremely random.=, I know...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Absolute Powerforce

It seems like it'll be a great pack. Well, at least it'll have some good cards in it. Cards I'm personally looking forward to are:

Battle Fader
Drill Warrior
Iron Core Specimen Lab
Core Transport Unit

What's the problem with this? They're all holo. Yes, holo cards are nice, but it's not nice when they're impossible to get.

The thing about these cards (excluding Battle Fader) is that very few people will want them. That makes it so that card shops don't sell them, which makes them harder to get than cards people actually want.

What I'm scared about is all of the new Gravekeeper's support that's running around. The thing is that the OCG has had these Gravekeeper's cards for a few months, yet they haven't impacted the game very much.

I'm glad, since, for some reason, I've had some sort of a fear of playing against Gravekeeper's. I've never played against them before, but I don't like them. It's kind of like X-Sabers. They can scare you with their hand destroying combo, but they're not really that good.

Oh yeah, X-Sabers are getting more support. It probably won't very far though. Even though the TCG is getting Emmersblade, which is cool, I doubt it'll have much of an impact.

So, I'm planning on going to the Sneak Preview, hopefully getting some of the cards mentioned above. The Koa'ki Meiru support isn't good unless in threes, so I'm going to have to wait for a while before I can get sets of them at reasonable prices.

Well, this kind of turned into a random post. But that's okay, I suppose...